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Unlock The Mountain - Most of us rely on advice from our friends to improve.  It’s time to change that. Meet Carv your new ski coach - Carv fits in any ski boot. It analyses your technique and gives you with live professional audio coaching, as you ski. Unlimited coaching for the cost of a few lessons.

The Tech - Tough yet sensitive. Carv have packed 36 pressure sensors and a 9 axis 3D motion sensor with accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer into each insert and built it to withstand hard days of skiing. The best part is, because Carv fits under the liner of your boot, you can use it in custom moulded ski boots, stock boots or rentals. It even works with your custom insoles. Batteries that will outlast your legs. Carv feature optimised battery chemistry to handle the cold, giving you over 3 days of skiing per charge. That’s more than anyone’s legs can handle. Built to fall! Carv’s battery pack sits on the strap of your boot with a specially designed clip and a robust case to keep it secure, no matter how radical your turns (or how often you fall). All of this in a compact (3mm thick), lightweight (296g per foot) waterproof design.

The Analysis - Carv is the world's best ski tracker. Carv’s metrics have been developed with intermediates, instructors and racers to make sure it picks up the smallest differences in technique of every skier. Carve measures your ski technique over 4 key metrics. BALANCE: Are you leaning too far back? Balance is the foundation of great skiing. Carv shows you if you are centered over your skis and gives you balance exercises to help you improve. EDGING: How well are you engaging your edges? Rolling your skis smoothly into and out of each turn gives is the foundation of great control (and that sweet carving feeling). Learn how to edge your skis together and create those angles. ROTARY: Are you turning your skis smoothly, in parallel? Carv measures your parallel movement and your left/right symmetry. Ironing out those inconsistencies is the key to efficiency and style. PRESSURE: Are you really on the outside ski? Balancing against the outside ski is the foundation of great skiing. Find out how much pressure you've got on each ski and where in the turn you are applying it.

The Coaching - At the heart of Carv is your Ski:IQ - think of it like a technique health check. Carv analyses your technique and shows you which areas of your skiing will provide your next breakthrough. Set your own goals - Do you want to carve with your hip to the snow, or do you just want to avoid falling into the snow? Carv will help you get there. A coaching revolution - Carv combines advice from the best instructors in the world with the power of data science and game design. Learn from the best - Skiing with world-class instructors used to be a luxury most of us couldn’t afford. Now you can learn from some of the best instructors in the world, including Eric Lipton, elite coach to the US ski team, and Kaylin Richardson, 2x Olympian. Carv analyses how you ski by comparing your turns with data from some of the best instructors in the world (instructor-examiners PSIA, CSIA, BASI, NZSIA, APSI).

Find out what is holding back your technique and get the right advice to fix it.

Ski your own way - Sometimes we just want to ski without distraction. In Free Ski mode, Carv works in the background to analyse your skiing. When you get on the chairlift, Carv will give the best tip to help you improve on your next run.

Discover drills you’ll love - We’ve taken traditional ski drills and redesigned them as interactive games. Audio feedback on every turn makes the learning experience fast and addictive. Think you can get to level 20?

Challenge your skills - It’s time to show us what you’ve got with a range of challenges designed to test your skills. Let's find out who’s really king of the hill.

Carv The World's Most Advanced Ski Wearable!