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This low key, space-dyed knit beanie is super-soft and fluffy like your favorite stuffed animal, and comes with Spacecraft’s women’s wooden oval custom trim.
Spacecraft was conceived when a photograph of a snowcat was taken by Stefan Hofmann (Co-Founder) at the base of an Alpental backcountry run. At the time, Stefan was attending art school and living on the couch of a sculpture studio, putting in late nights and early mornings at the mountain.

What began as an exercise in the exploration of the conceptual quickly became an icon. The snowcat was transformed into a label that was attached to all of Stefan’s art projects, which allowed visuals from sculpture to stickers to fall under the simple moniker. When Stefan returned from Bali with his first 100 beanies, he also returned with inspiration to forge a brand that would allow him to constantly create new art while traveling, snowboarding in the Cascades and surfing in Bali.