Men's ACTIVE THERMIC Turtleneck Baselayer

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Made for men who demand warmth and versatility from their winter sports wardrobe, this ACTIVE THERMIC Turtleneck Baselayer combats the cold during every adventure. It’s been designed using active warming technology that stores and redistributes your body’s natural heat, helping you effortlessly manage the negative effects the cold can have on performance.

This soft and comfortable layer also features enhanced moisture management – meaning you will stay feeling dry and comfortable even when the challenge gets tough – along with ZeroScent technology that efficiently combats odour build-up. If you’re looking for an intelligent and reliable solution to battling the cold across the winter season, then this ACTIVE THERMIC Turtleneck Baselayer from ODLO is a stand-out choice.

The thermal capacity of 100 grams of this yarn is 40% higher than, for example, our Active Warm yarn. This is made possible by integrating specific carbon particles into the yarn used in knitting our A-Thermic sports underwear. The carbon particles store the heat released by your body and return it to your skin during resting periods when your body produces less heat.

This works particularly well because the carbon's structure dramatically increases the surface area of the yarn, making it able to reflect more heat.