Absolut Joy Including Joy 9 Bindings

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The Absolut Joy isn't just an ideal ski for improvers and advanced skiers. It is a timeless classic with a purist design. Regardless of terrain or skiing style, this ski performs well. With the absolut Joy, you are equipped with state-of-the-art gear. Its purist design is a clear understatement. Its wooden core construction makes it a powerful companion. Better beginners and advanced skiers will find their swing on any terrain. The integrated tip protector makes the ski durable and robust.


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  • LYT TECH CONSTRUCTION - Utilising some of the most exotic materials on the planet like, Graphene and carbon fibre, means Head are able to save weight while simultaneously increasing performance, yielding products that allow you to ski easier and for longer.
  • ERA 3.0 - A combination of technologies, shape and geometry. Think rocker,think radius, think rebound. Think 3-Dimensional.
  • ALLRIDE ROCKER - For superior steering and increased floatation. We place a highly targeted amount of rocker in each model to ensure maximum performance for all ability levels. Steering is easier for all skiers and soft snow versatility is enhanced.
  • PROGRESSIVE RADIUS - For tremendous turning. Regular rocker makes skiers place their ski further on edge to have it touch from tip-to-tail. With progressive radius up to 50 % less angulation is needed to enjoy full edge contact. More edge on the snow = more edge grip.
  • INTELLIRISE REBOUND - For targeted stability. We move our legendary Piezoelectric intellifibers to the tip of the ski. The nasty tip vibrations found on regular rockers are not found here, these skis are too smart for that.
  • GRAPHENE - The lightest, thinnest and strongest material in the world lives in Head equipment. Stronger than diamond and over 300 times stronger than steel and only the thickness of one atom, you can benefit from the most advanced material on the planet on the slopes with equipment that is lighter and stronger.
  • POWER SIDEWALL JACKET CONSTRUCTION - To reduce weight, further, material from the sidewall jacket has a synthetic injected core and is supported with ABS. It has a superlite construction thanks to GRAPHENE and allows for soft longitudinal flex coupled with a super responsive torsional flex.
  • UHM C BASE - A highly durable base material for getting the job done well. Not flashy but steady and stable. The kind of base that will last for years.

Included with the Ski is the Tyrolia Joy 9 GW binding.

Less effort, maximum fun and extraordinary performance: the JOY 9 GW SLR binding for women and young skiers. Light as a feather, it makes your ski days longer and more enjoyable. The JOY 9 ensures your continuous improvement. It does make a difference when you adopt a better posture on your skis, distribute pressure more effectively and your skis turn more easily. They are definitely worth a try, you'll never want another ski binding.