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JTT Blog End of Summer Blog

JTT Blog End of Summer Blog

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July started unfortunately with a cancelled trip. I was supposed to be going to Les Deux Alps on the 9th July, but a couple of days before I found out that the glacier would be closing on the 10th. This meant I wouldn't be going which was a shame.

Instead, to ease the disappointment AND test out my new skis which I have been eager to get on the slopes, I decided to test my new Fauna Skis in the dome, specially Tamworth! My new Fauna skis did not disappoint! They're light, have a low swing weight, softish at tip/tail, and pop real good. I wasn't sure if I would like them before I skied on them because they're more narrow than skis I would usually ski on. I normally prefer something like a 95mm underfoot whereas these are a 85mm underfoot, but after a few runs I loved them! The skis are sick and are so much fun to ski on.


Apart from testing out the Faunas, July was pretty chilled for me just doing my usual things go keep fit, like playing basketball and going to the gym. Both of which I love to do. Aside from keeping fit I've just been spending time with my family and trying to get a part time job just for a little extra money and to give me something else to do for when I'm not skiing.


August was a pretty fun month. In the first week of August it was my Girlfriend Jasmine's birthday so I spent the whole day with her and her family which was amazing. In the evening we also went for a meal. 


A couple of days later I went out to Genk in Belgium with GB Snowsports to ski the airbag there for 3 days. I definitely wasn’t fully prepared for this. It was a bag that you had to hike to get to which was hard work! In hindsight, I probably should’ve done more cardio before travelling out to Belgium. Apart from how tiring hiking the stairs were, this bag was amazing! We did 2 sessions a day which gave us enough time to take our time with the tricks we were doing. This was the first time I’d skied a jump (so to speak) since April so I didn’t go out to confidently, but instead used the time to try a couple of things I hadn’t done before, and make sure I was still comfy in the tricks I can already do. I also make a few minor tweaks to some of tricks I can do. I was so happy with how I skied and with what I ended up doing out there. The accommodation was right across the road from the airbag as well and the whole place we stayed in gave me a sort of 'American Summer camp' vibe. So I was loving it. After skiing we could go play a little basketball so  I was definitely enjoying that aspect of the trip.


After I came home from Belgium I had a little 2 night getaway to Manchester with Jasmine. We stayed in a little hotel not too far away from Manchester Piccadilly station. It was the first time I’d actually been to Manchester City so we looked around loads of stores. If you know me well, you wouldn't be surprised to know that I went into a lot of shoe stores! I didn’t buy any though, I just wanted to look. We went to Chinatown, the Central Perk cafe just like in F.R.I.E.N.D.S, and the Science and Industry Museum as well. It was a very touristy trip!


Apart from the 2 trips in August, the Summer months were just like every other month with the usual things of keeping fit and skiing. I wanted to test the Faunas again so I have done a few times more. Just like the first time I tried them, I still love them. A great new set of skis for you if your anything like me!


Fauna Skis

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