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Ed Guigonnet Blog Winter 23/24

Ed Guigonnet Blog Winter 23/24

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For the past month, we’ve been in full racing mode. Despite some really good form in training, I struggle to apply the same skiing in races, so my races often result in a DNF (did not finish) or a result, not terrible but not what I’m expecting or not what I’m worth, reflecting my training.

Following these mediocre results, everything starts to get to your head telling yourself that you're not good enough, what am I doing wrong… And it's at that moment that you need to stay focused and strong in believing that you can do it.

Despite the skiing not going great, I’ve managed to find some form and some new skills in darts, so I’ll keep this door open for the future ahahaha.  

At the moment  I’m having a little break to refocus on myself and play some darts, then it will be time to go back to training (skiing obviously) in Reiteralm (where my base is), I’ll go and enjoy some time for me going to watch the big boys in Schladming World Cup. Hopefully after all that, it will be time to smash some races and really show what I’m worth.

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