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Ed Guigonnet Blog: Winter is here

Ed Guigonnet Blog: Winter is here

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This month, we’re heading up north in Kabdalis, Sweden, for two blocks of ten days training, and a few races while we’re there. At this time of the year, it’s the best place to train because of the perfect conditions on the slope and because of the amount of snow they usually get. The only downside of being up there is that it’s freezing! I guess you have to adapt.

At the moment, I’m back in Austria after my first camp so that I can have a little break and refocus on the physical training before heading back up there on the 15th. I can't wait to finally get the winter season started. This year, I haven't got many big events in the diary so the season will be a bit calmer for me. This will give me time to focus on my skiing and improving my fis points; as well as getting some Europa cup starts to maybe try and get a couple points! 

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