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Emily Keen: End Of Season Blog

Emily Keen: End Of Season Blog

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At the end of March I finished the Europa Cups for the season in Reiteralm. We were only able to race one of the two race days due to weather conditions. This race went okay. I was able to finish 20th. I was hoping and aiming for better but I wasn't able to succeed. After this race we were able to get more training on the track and we also did some jump training in the Absolute park to make some improvements before we headed to Sweden to compete in the world junior championships. 

It was a bit of a difference going to Sweden, where we had been skiing in Reiteralm with the temperatures being in the positives and the snow being very wet and slushy. When we arrived, it was negative five and the snow was hard packed, something which we hadn’t seen since January. I had the opportunity to ski some of the track before the official training day which was really good and I also really enjoyed skiing the track it's more like the style of Skicross which I like. Skicross which has bank turns, different ways to ski the roller packs, and big jumps. For the qualification I was the last bib number due to my low FIS points, which I wasn't too excited for. This meant on my qualification run I had all the ruts within the turns and for the final straight the wind had built up, I was going off the first jump and was fine then the wind hit me and from there opened up and got twisted how I managed to land it. I don't know. This put me in a bad place and I did not manage to qualify for the heats which was really upsetting and I knew that I could have done lots better. The next day I competed in the team event with Tommy Dade, where we both didn’t have our best results. On the day we had very hard heat but we put all of what we had into it. 

Looking back on this season it has been very challenging and I have been able to meet the majority of my goals. Not all my results have been up to what I was hoping, but I am ready to train hard this summer to come back better next season. My main focus is to become physically stronger and be able to last the full season as towards the end of march my body was becoming very tired.

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