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JTT Blog Summer 23'

Georgina Clark |

In the past 3 months, I’ve only managed to ski once at Tamworth Snowdome. This is because I’m still learning to drive and I don’t want to be reliant on my parents to drive me places. It was really fun just skiing around with no pressure and just having a good time lapping the features that were out. I was super stoked to do a flat 3 (off axis backflip) off a little tube stall thing. Aside from skiing, May was mainly going to the gym, playing basketball, taking driving lessons and applying for jobs.

I had 2 job interviews in June (one of which I ended up getting). One being at Primark, and the second JD Sports. I now work at JD selling shoes which turns out to be something I love. Anyone that knows me well knows I’m a ‘sneakerhead’, so this job couldn’t be a better fit for me. In June, myself and my girlfriend Jasmine went down to London to go see Wu-Tang Clan and Nas live for the N.Y State of Mind Tour. I’m a huge fan of hip hop and have wanted to see both Wu-Tang and Nas for longer than I can remember. I don’t even fully know how to explain the experience. I got to see my favourite rapper live on stage and be around people with a shared interest. Just damn. It was amazing. 

July was a good month. I started my new job and also went on a family holiday to Soll in Austria with my family. It was nice to be in the mountains again. Austria in the summer is just beautiful. On one of the days Jasmine, my sister Ella, and myself went to a swimming place that was cool. It had both outdoor and indoor pools, waterslides, a lake part with a diving board, a whirlpool, beach volleyball, so many things to do so we spent the whole day there.The holiday was a lot of fun. If you ever get the opportunity to visit a winter resort in the summer, do it! There are so many things to do from mountain biking to swimming. Theres something for everyone in the sunshine!

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