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Justin Taylor-Tipton Blog: New season, New challenges?

Justin Taylor-Tipton Blog: New season, New challenges?

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This past summer has been very chill for me. Unfortunately, I haven't had many opportunities to ski. I’ve been to Tamworth SnowDome a handful of times. Each time has been super fun! I love being on the snow. Tamworth is always a fun one, especially when there's an event because there’s normally a big crew. One of the times I went to Tamworth was at an event. It was super fun, I got to see so many people I hadn’t seen in ages which made it all the more fun. 

The rest of this past summer I’ve been doing a few other things. Mainly, I’ve been working at JD Sports selling shoes, which I really enjoy (anyone that knows me well knows that I’m a huge sneakerhead and love shoes). This is an ideal job for me. 

This summer I've also been helping my dad re-do our drive at home. It’s taken a long time, but we finally finished it a couple weeks ago.

Aside from that, all I’ve been doing is spending time with family and then playing basketball like I usually do. 

Now that the season has kicked off, I'm looking forward to getting out into the mountains. New season, new challenges...

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