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Tyler Nicholls-Stubbington Blog: January 24

Tyler Nicholls-Stubbington Blog: January 24

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My 2024 skiing started mid way through January due to my previous shoulder injuries. It was amazing getting back out in Austria! 

I mainly trained in Mayrhofen and Kaltenbach, two local resorts from the team house. Along with another Ski Exchange rider Ash Clayton! The first few days were bad weather which alined well with me taking it easy and getting my mountain legs back since the last time I was on a mountain was in October getting a helicopter to the hospital.

We had many good days of weather after that, started training some of my bigger tricks like my left double cork 1440 and right double 1260’s for competitions. Still trying to upgrade and learn more.

Somedays I worked on small things like switch cork 900’s and forward bio 720’s to both directions just to have different options for slope-style competitions!

On some of the evenings me and afew friends got the train into Innsbruck, got some pizza and played pool for some downtime after doing our fitness and gym sessions after riding!

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