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Are ski boots supposed to be painful to wear?

Are ski boots supposed to be painful to wear?

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Are ski boots supposed to be painful to wear?


To answer this question simply and directly: no, they are not. While wearing ski boots will never feel as comfortable as wearing those well-broken-in trainers you go to the supermarket in each day, they shouldn’t be uncomfortably tight, or for that matter, uncomfortably loose (many people associate painful ski boots with an overly tight fit, but if your feet slip and slide a lot inside your ski boots, this won’t do much for your comfort, either).


Certainly, you should not be ending your typical day on the slopes with the feeling that your feet have been “destroyed”, or that you are needing to “manage the pain”.


The good news is that even seemingly “minor” adjustments can make a big difference to how ski boots fit, although it probably won’t be easy for an amateur to know what those adjustments should be.


It’s one reason why we offer a ski boot fitting guarantee as part of our own renowned boot fitting services at Ski Exchange, so that all the vital fitting work is covered and you don’t need to leave anything to chance.


Why is pain such a frequent problem with ski boots?


One reason why so many people find themselves wondering whether the pain they feel in their ski boots is “normal”, is the ease with which they can end up choosing the wrong size of ski boot.


A lot of people who are unsure whether to go for one size or another end up opting for the bigger one, because they expect that a roomier boot will be more comfortable. And in some ways, that might be the case… but it could effectively just mean swapping one set of problems for another, with toes or heels becoming blistered or bruised due to how much they move around inside the boot.


In fact, it is possible to “work with” ski boots that are slightly too small, but there aren’t really any options if you have chosen ski boots that are slightly too large. It should be no great surprise, then, that a poor fit is the most frequent cause of foot pain when wearing ski boots.


There are other factors that can lead to your ski boots being painful to wear, such as unsuitable socks being worn, or the liners and shell not having been heat moulded to your feet.


When it comes to areas of foot pain, it is the forefoot/ball of the foot that usually suffers more than mid and rear foot, due to its mobility and lack of resistance when compressed from the sides and above.


Take advantage of one of the world’s leading ski boot fitting services


Could our ski boot fitting service in our humble ski shop in Cambridge, UK really be one of the best in the world? We humbly say “yes”, and we explain why on the dedicated page of our website.


A central element of this service is our ski boot fitting guarantee, which will give you the peace of mind of knowing you can banish that discomfort with our help. It really is a quick and simple process to arrange a ski boot fitting appointment with our skilled and seasoned experts.


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