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Tyler Nicholls-Stubbington: End Of Season Blog

Tyler Nicholls-Stubbington: End Of Season Blog

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Unfortunately, halfway through February just before one of my Europa Cup Competitions, I was skiing in a small rail park in Innsbruck. I was having some fun with some friends filming got some good videos and learn some new tricks however, I fell over and dislocated my shoulder again for the second time in the season. Luckily, I managed to put it back in place in 20 seconds of it being out.

After this, I had a few days off and managed to get back up the hill for the last couple of days filming and coaching my friends and making the most of the week I had left before going home. I had to go home at the end of February to get many checks and MRIs for my shoulder luckily since being on TASS (talented athlete support scheme) all the MRIs and meetings were covered including my operation which was pretty expensive so big thanks to them I wouldn’t have been able to get it fixed this fast without them.

It was important that I got the operation done relatively quickly so that I can continue skiing and hopefully be ready for the New Zealand season. I’m thinking of going out to New Zealand for a month to try and make up for the time lost this season with my injuries. 

Just before my surgery, I was offered to go to Italy for the Junior world championships with Snow Sports England. By helping out the coach, it meant that I could have a final weeks skiing before my surgery which was great!

Even though my season ended early and I missed a lot of time, I ended up getting some good tricks in and had some great times with a lot of my friends in Europe.  

Hopefully in New Zealand (and next season), I can fully push my body to show the tricks that I’ve been working on with the airbags. I feel like I’m a bit behind because of the lost time due to my injury. I am currently working very hard to get back to 100%. 

Massive thank you to everyone at the Ski Exchange, Planks Clothing, Naked Optics and people who have been supporting me through this season. Your support has been gratefully received and I wouldn't be where I am now without you all!

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