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How to make your ski boots last longer

How to make your ski boots last longer

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Attempts to settle on the “right” ski boots for your needs can be fraught with frustration. This is why we advise that whenever you are looking to buy new ski boots, you should arrange to have them specially moulded to your feet to ensure a close, comfortable fit.

Given that our own boot fitters have decades of experience between them, we aren’t afraid to say that our own shop in Dry Drayton, near Cambridge, is the best place for ski boot fitting in the UK. After leaving with your new boots, though, you should be careful how you look after them.

Reserve your ski boots strictly for skiing

You might often be inclined to continue wearing your ski boots between skiing sessions, such as when walking on pavement or gravel from one skiing spot to another.

However, treating the footwear so nonchalantly can quickly erode its toes and heels — and as a result, compromise its safety.

So, we advise that you make a habit of only using your ski boots on snow. Alternatively, if it is possible to detach the soles, you could do so before wandering in what is left of the boots to your next destination.

Remove snow or dirt from the liner after skiing

When staying overnight during your ski holiday, you could find that your accommodation gives you access to a nifty electric device known as a ski boot dryer. Its purpose is largely self-explanatory, as a ski boot dryer works by releasing hot air into a boot to dry the liner.

Rather than just dry the liner, though, you could also stuff paper, e.g. newspaper, into the boot’s toe area to prevent moisture — and potentially also nasty smells — from accumulating there.

Clean each ski boot’s outer shell

There’s a lot more than snow that can build up on your ski boots over time. The likes of dirt and gravel can also end up on this footwear’s exterior surfaces, but you might realise that you are able to clean these surprisingly effectively just by wiping them with a damp cloth.

Meanwhile, you could use a mild cleaning solution on any lingering bits of dirt that you might otherwise be struggling to get rid of.

Store your ski boots in the right way

Where should you put your ski boots when you know you won’t be using them for a while? Obvious candidates for this storage space might include attics, garages, and sheds, but these examples are all places where nesting rodents could too easily find and gnaw on the footwear.

Wherever you do store your ski boots, you should ideally make sure it is dry, cool, and dark. One advisable strategy would be to use a ski boot bag that you could then, in turn, transfer to a cupboard or similar space.

Generally, ski boots last about four to eight years. If your existing boots are already disintegrating, we suggest that you look into buying some new ones from the best place for ski boot fitting in the UK – Ski Exchange!

You are welcome to ask us for further details about our ski boot fitting services by phoning 01954 210984 or emailing Or if you’re ready to book a boot fitting session with us, why not do so online right now?

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