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What is our ‘Comfort Guarantee’ for ski boot fitting?

What is our ‘Comfort Guarantee’ for ski boot fitting?

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So, you might know a few things about the fitting of ski boots. Those things may include that ski boots should generally fit snugly, but not so much that they cause painful pressure points or cut off circulation, and that you shouldn’t be taking the same approach to ski boot fitting that you take to the fitting of regular shoes.


But of course, presuming that you aren’t exactly reading this as a seasoned expert in ski boot fitting, you might be tempted to go a bit further than the above, by getting actual experts to assist you with getting your ski boots to fit optimally.


To that end, you might have heard a little about how good our own ski boot fitting service is here at Ski Exchange – indeed, it is one of the best in the world, not merely the UK.


Such is our self-confidence in the all-encompassing quality and thoroughness of what we do, that we offer a complete ski boot “Comfort Guarantee”. But what difference will it make to the boot fitting service that you receive from us?


Introducing the renowned Ski Exchange Comfort Guarantee


Our ski boot Comfort Guarantee works in a super simple way: if you have a boot fitting appointment with us and don’t feel utterly comfortable in your ski boots as a result, we will continue the fitting work with you until you are satisfied, at no extra cost.


This means you can book a ski boot fitting session with us in the confidence that we will achieve the right fit for you. An appointment with us typically lasts about two hours. It begins with a thorough assessment, whereby we will measure your foot length and width, and assess various aspects – such as your foot and ankle stability, current skiing ability, and future goals – that will affect the decisions we make across the rest of the ski boot fitting session.


We will then proceed with such crucial steps as the selection of a supportive footbed/insole from our own range, and the selection of multiple ski boot options to help ensure the right fit for the shape and volume of your foot. This will be followed by the heat moulding of your liners and shell to your feet, thorough cooling to enable the heat moulding to fully set, and then the final adjustments to the shell and fit.


“Alignment” – a process involving the “canting” of the whole boots inwards or outwards in accordance with the leg alignment of the skier – can also be included as part of our comprehensive ski boot fitting service.


Enquire today to learn more about our ski boot fitting – or book your appointment online


As you can see, there is a lot that is covered by a ski boot fitting session with us – and therefore, a lot that our ski boot Comfort Guarantee covers.


To find out more about what this highly rated service involves, please do feel free to contact our ski boot fitting experts. Or why not go ahead and book your appointment online for ski boot fitting, so that you can look forward to achieving that seemingly elusive perfect fit?

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