Athletes & Ambassadors

At the Ski Exchange we are always looking for athletes that we can team up with. We are always looking for more unique people to support.

Currently our Ski Exchange Sponsored athlete for the season is JTT, Justin Taylor-Tipton.

JTT has been with the Ski Exchange team for a few seasons now & we have loved watching him progress. We provide a large chuck of Justin's kit that keeps his at the top of his game while training & competing.

Justin Taylor- Tipton - aka. JTT

 An 18 year old freestyle skier who has caught the attention of all in the freestyle community.
JTT has bags of flair & style in park. Last season his progression took him onto the Europa Cup & we know that JTT has his sights sets on bigger things to come!

Favourite Ski in store - K2 Sight
Favourite Trick - Dub 10
Favourite Boots - FULL TILT
What JTT says about Ski X - "The guys are the Ski Exchange know everything. I can't even understand how Simon repairs some of my Skis & my boots are amazing."

Planks Grassroots - JTT 2019 from Justin Taylor-Tipton on Vimeo.

You can check out more videos on JTT's channel.