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5 things that help make our Boot Lab on of the best!

5 things that help make our Boot Lab on of the best!

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5 things that help make us the best place for ski boot fitting in the UK


Here at Ski Exchange, we can well understand you feeling intimidated by the process of not only selecting an appropriate pair of ski boots in the first place, but also making sure every last aspect of their fit is “just right”. After all, there isn’t a single other aspect of your ski setup that will have as profound an impact on your experience of the slopes.


So, you might not want to take any chances; you may have resolved to find not merely a good ski boot fitting service, but the very best place for ski boot fitting in the UK.


And the great news is that Ski Exchange goes far beyond its renowned online store or even its brick-and-mortar ski and snowboard shop in Cambridge, England. That’s because, in the same location, we provide one of the most respected ski boot fitting services in the world, drawing upon the expertise of four highly skilled and seasoned boot fitters.


But of course, almost any business like ours could make such a claim about its ski boot fitting services. What are the factors that have enabled us to make it a reality? Below, we have set out just five of them.


Our fitting process really is extremely comprehensive


From the initial thorough assessment encompassing such aspects as foot length and width, foot and ankle stability, lower leg biomechanics, and current ability, and continuing right through to the creation of custom footbeds, custom fitting, shell modification, and alignment, we really do cater to all the essentials of ski boot fitting… and a lot more things on top of that.


You don’t even necessarily need to book an appointment


If you are already close to our premises in Cambridge and would like to benefit from one of the world’s best ski boot fitting services, but have suddenly realised you didn’t book an appointment in advance, this isn’t necessarily a problem!


You are welcome to simply turn up and wait, although we might be busy with our customers at the time, particularly at weekends. And if you’re reading this online and don’t have an especially urgent requirement for an appointment, you might as well click through to our appointment page to make an in-advance arrangement anyway.


Your custom ski boot fitting can be done in just a few hours


Whether you turn up at our brick-and-mortar site without a prior appointment or do book ahead of the date, you can expect the ski boot fitting session itself to take around two hours – and it’s unlikely to take more than three hours.


So, you don’t necessarily need to take much time out of your day or weekend, in order to benefit from an all-encompassing ski boot fitting service that will help give you much more rewarding skiing experiences for a long time to come.


We offer multiple different types of ski boot fitting appointment


You might be purchasing new boots from us, arranging a re-fitting, or interested in a fitting session for any other pair of ski boots that you might not have bought from us originally.


Whatever the situation, we can provide the tailored service that will help give you invaluable peace of mind as a skier.


An exclusive ‘Comfort Guarantee’ that really does cover everything


It’s one of the things that skiing enthusiasts from far afield most associate us with; our unparalleled Comfort Guarantee.


This guarantee is very much what it sounds like; if you don’t feel utterly comfortable in your ski boots after your appointment with us, we will continue to do fitting work with you at no extra cost, until you are fully satisfied.


Are you ready to experience the services and knowhow of the best place for ski boot fitting in the UK, and one of the finest in the world? If so, you are very welcome to make your appointment with us online today; we can also be contacted by email if you have any questions about how ski boot fitting works with us.


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