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JTT Blog Jan/Feb 2022

JTT Blog Jan/Feb 2022

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JTT is a sponsored athlete through the Ski Exchange

This blog has been written by Justin Taylor-Tipton and all about what he's been up to this season. He talks about his trips to the Tamworth Snowdome, hitting the slopes in LAAX Switzerland and getting personal with an insight into his home life and other hobbies. Take it away Justin!

 Justin's blog

This January was a bit of a strange one for me because I ended up staying at home for it for some personal reasons. I spent most of my time around the people at home close to me. However, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t still get up to things, I stayed active. While I’m home I play a fair amount of basketball to stay fit, whether that’s me playing with a friend or just shooting around on my own. Even though I’m a small guy at 5’7 I love playing basketball, I know I’m not amazing but I’ve been getting better, playing with my homie Joe helps me. We’ll play 1 on 1 and H.O.R.S.E (a shooting game where you both have to shoot from different spots on the court). It’s always fun hooping with Joe, we always have a laugh.

Aside from playing basketball I also went skiing to Tamworth Snowdome a couple times with my brother in Jan to test out my new gear from Ski Exchange (Volkl Revolt 104s, Volkl Revolt 95s, Full Tilt B&Es, Scott Helmet and Look Pivots). This year was my first time skiing Look Pivot bindings and I love them and I’m blessed Look sent me the bindings and blessed for all my gear from the legends at Ski Exchange. It’s always fun skiing Tamworth, especially when there’s a crew of people to shred with!

Me getting my gear from Ski Exchange

Then February I finally managed to get out to the mountains. After a lot of trouble trying to find some accommodation (like A LOT) I finally found a place to stay out in my favourite resort, Laax, Switzerland. I’m actually writing this in my apartment in Laax playing some music in the background. It wouldn’t surprise anyone who knows me that I’m mainly listening to Hip Hop as I type this. The park here is so good. They have so many rails, the park is super long and the jumps are pretty good too. There’s so much more than just the park to ski but me being a park rat means I’ll very rarely leave it. This place is like a second home to me. The first  few days of skiing mainly consisted of me skiing the rails and jumping a little while I’ve been getting my ski legs back but the past week I’ve been skiing the jumps more and getting my jump tricks back. So far it’s been going well and as each day goes by I’m getting more and more comfortable on my skis, I’ve definitely missed it.

View from the top of the park and a picture of me looking Steezy!

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