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Tyler Nicholls-Stubbington Blog: I'll be back!

Tyler Nicholls-Stubbington Blog:  I'll be back!

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Before my Winter started, I had many trips to the Belguim Airbag to continue pushing new tricks and getting airtime during the offseason. This allows us to be one step ahead to land the tricks on snow. Learning Left Dub Bio 1440s, Right Dub cork 1440s and Switch Dub Cork 12/14s were my progression this summer.

My season started off in Hinter-tux, Austria. On the 24th of October I headed out to the team house in the Valley. There’s about 20+ athletes staying there and it’s a good base for the winter, allowing us to train together not only on but off snow too. This base also allows us to easierly go off to different competitions in close resorts/countries. 

The weather in Hinter-tux is always hit or miss, since it’s a glacier 3000+ meters above sea level. The first week we had a couple days of good weather meaning we can hit the jumps! Just getting the mountain legs back since taking the summer off the big jumps. This is why summer training is so important. We just practice the tricks we know we can do for the first couple of days to get back into it.

A couple weeks go by training with Jay Hebs and a few others, we finally get a window in the weather to do some new big tricks. We start warming up on the Proline doing Cork7s and testing the speed. In my warm up, I dropped a Double Cork 1080. However, the head wind stopped and I went too big. I landed on my feet, but unfortunately fell to my side at the end of the move and dislocated my shoulder. This unfortunately put an abrupt end to my training, but, I did get to have a VIP Air ambulance Helicopter tour of the Alps!

Unfortunately not the start of the season I wanted however I have already started physio with TASS and have a great team supporting me. I’ll no doubt be back in January, stronger and more excited to land better tricks. I’ll be back.

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