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Why is ski boot fitting so important?

Why is ski boot fitting so important?

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Particularly if you are only just getting into skiing, it might be easy for you to underestimate the immense positive difference that a well-fitting pair of ski boots can make.


Indeed, you might have heard plenty about how ski boots aren’t exactly meant to feel like slippers. So, you may be tempted to tolerate a less-than-optimal fit, and instead prioritise such aspects as the colour of your chosen ski boots, and how well they fit in aesthetically with the rest of your ski outfit.


But doing so would be a seriously bad mistake. The fact is, yes, ski boots aren’t designed to fit the wearer with all the comfort of some worn-in trainers… but they shouldn’t be subjecting your feet to torture, either.


What problems can arise from poorly fitting ski boots?


The issues that can occur when you try to “get by” with inadequately fitting ski boots, can range from the merely uncomfortable to the debilitating.


You might experience general discomfort, foot fatigue, hot spots, cold toes, pinched calves… or worse. Ski boots that don’t fit well might be largely just distracting when you are trying to make the most of your time on the slopes. Or you could encounter somewhat more profound issues with such frequent “problem areas” as the first metatarsal, medial malleolus, navicular, or fifth metatarsal.


So, what can be done to help get your ski boots fitting better?


The good news is that there are many steps that can be taken to ensure a much more optimal fit for your ski boots.


As we’ve referenced above, ski boots aren’t meant to feel as effortlessly comfortable as trainers or slippers. However, given that you will naturally want to get the best out of every day you spend on sticks, there will almost certainly be a lot more you can do, to help improve their fit.


Sure enough, ski boot fitting is a key area of expertise for our own team here at Ski Exchange. Visit our Boot Lab in Cambridge, UK, and you will be able to benefit from some of the highest-quality, professional ski boot fitting services you can expect to find anywhere across the world.


Over the course of a boot fitting appointment that is likely to take about one to three hours, we will take you through all the essential processes, encompassing the initial thorough assessment, the selection of a supportive footbed/insole, custom fitting, shell modification, and – if needed – boot alignment.


It’s a straightforward and quick process to book a professional ski boot fitting appointment with us, although we also try to accommodate walk-ins whenever possible.


Click through to the boot fitting appointment page of our website today, to choose the boot fit type, date, and time that works best for you. This way, you will be able to look forward to much more comfortable and rewarding experiences when you next embark on an ambitious ski trip.


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