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The Basic Ski Simulator is a great way to strengthen your muscles and improve your cardio capacity before a ski season! This will make it possible for you to enjoy the slopes for hours on end without getting tired. In addition to that, exercising on Basic Ski Simulator will help you develop balance, coordination, and agility. All that while having fun!

This machine is specifically designed for beginners and intermediate sport enthusiasts, who are just starting their ski fitness journey and would like to get in shape. It is also a great injury rehabilitation tool, as well as cross-training machine anyone who participates in high-impact sports and would like to give their joints a chance to rest. Proper strength, technique and balance will also significantly decrease the likelihood of injuries.

Exercising on Basic Ski Simulator will primarily target the same muscles that are also used while skiing, namely the core (abs & back), upper and lower leg muscles and feet. With the use of additional equipment, such as weighted poles, a full-body workout can be achieved, burning upwards of 1000kcal/h.


  • Designed for beginners and intermediates
  • Low impact exercise, safe to use in rehabilitation (knee and hip injuries)
  • Offers great cardio, strength and HIIT training programs
  • Focuses on legs and core, full body workout possible with additional equipment (e.g. weighted ski poles)
  • Portable machine, suitable for indoor and home use
  • Resistance is fully adjustable, offering 6 intensity levels.
  • Training videos available


The primary goal of cardio training is to develop maximum functional capacity and decrease the percentage of body fat.

Development of power can be achieved with the proper exercise selection. Addition of elastic band will increase resistance, which will help increase muscle strength.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
Short, intense exercises are proven to benefit the development of athletic ability and physical condition, while burning huge amounts of fat.


B-TYPE CART - The B-type cart is designed for normal and advanced skiers. It has the possibility of setting two foot pedal position, according to your height. You stand on foot pedals during the workout. On the bottom of the b-type cart, there are several elastic ropes that can be adjusted according to your weight.

Compatible with Radical frame, Power frame, Race frame and Basic frame

EDGE SKI STOPPER - The edge ski stopper prevents hard bumps when ending the turn. It’s good for your body, because it absorbs shocks and provides a more pleasant training experience.

ELASTIC ROPES - The ski simulator cart has elastic ropes at the bottom. The elastic ropes must be adjusted according to the weight of the person who trains. The elastic ropes easily come off. Fixing them again is also very easy.

BASIC FRAME - This Ski machine has a Basic frame that provides a support system and fixtures for ski-poles. Holding the frame during the workout will help you keep the balance. More advanced skiers can let go of the frame and workout with their hands free or holding ski-poles, as shown in the videos.

BASIC HAND RAIL - he hand holder provides a firm holder when training. You can modify the hand holder by adding a bottle holder for longer workouts. More experienced skiers can let go of the holder during workout.


Basic frame
B-type Cart
2 x Foot pedals
Hand holder
Complete workout system support

Dimensions and weight of the package:
L 178cm x W 70cm x H 30cm, weight 42kg
L 70in x W 27,3in x H 11,7in, weight 92,4lb

L 173cm x W 68cm x H 125cm, weight 40kg
L 69in x W 26,5in x H 48,7in, weight 88lb