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The new Atomic Savor Photochromic goggles are top ski goggles that respond to changing light conditions by adjusting the level of tint. The cylindrical double lens gets lighter as conditions get darker, and darker when the sun comes out to protect you from glare. They also have a special multilayer treatment that reduces eye fatigue. Like all Savors they have a cool, oversized look that gives you an awesome field of vision – not just peripheral but also up and down. They come in a medium-sized frame, perfect for most people and are super comfortable thanks to Live Fit: flexible Y-Cuts and adaptive Tri-layer face foam that molds to the contours of your face for an instant individual fit. And like all Atomic goggles they’re designed and developed in-house at Atomic in the heart of the Alps.


  • LIVE FIT FRAME - Live Fit frames are built with a flexible grid construction and feature adaptive tri-layer foam that instantly molds to the contours of your face.
  • CYLINDRICAL DOUBLE LENS - Cylindrical lenses curve horizontally while remaining flat vertically. All Atomic cylindrical lenses are of optical class 1.
  • ADAPTIVE LIVE FIT TRI-LAYER FACE FOAM - Made of special memory face foam, standard face foam and a quick-drying fabric layer next to the skin.
    Instantly molds to the face for an individual fit straigt out of the box.
  • PHOTOCHROMIC LENS TECHNOLOGY - Photochromic lenses respond to changing light conditions by adjusting the level of tint. When it’s dark they get lighter. When the sun comes out they get darker to protect you from glare.
  • OVER THE GLASSES COMPATIBLE (OTG LITE) - OTG provides all the comfort and clarity of Atomic goggles for people who prefer to ski in glasses rather than contacts. Extra grooves in the (slightly larger) frame accommodate the temple arms of your glasses.
  • STEREO LENS TECHNOLOGY - Nine layers of high-end mirror coating increase protection from glare and reduce eye fatigue. The colours and coatings are perfectly balanced for 100% clarity.
  • SUPREME ANTI-SCRATCH OUTER LENS (PC) - Durable polycarbonate lens is extremely durable and scratch resistant.
  • ANTI-FOG INNER LENS (AC) - The inner lens offers up to 8 x more anti-fog properties than industry standards.
  • VENT FOAM - Great comfort and vision through a dedicated climate control system. Hot air escapes through integrated ventilation channels at the top and bottom, preventing moisture in the goggles.
  • SILICONE-COATED STRAP - Silicone coating on the inside of the straps means they don’t slide around or ride up.
  • MICROFBRE GOGGLE BAG - Store your goggle in and use the microfiber fabric to properly clean your lens.
  • MEDIUM FIT - Suitable for most faces.