Mons Vest

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The Forcefield Mons Vest incorporates highly flexible and breathable CE approved armour housed in an ergonomically designed technical fabric to create the ultimate base layer.

Fully CE approved M15 armour is located in the back and chest areas inside internal pockets that can be easily removed to allow the vest to be washed.

M15 armour is a specialised polymer from Nitrile rubber that has been optimised to achieve low weight, flexibility and Repeat Performance Technology (RPT) ensuring protection is given even after multiple impacts.

The body of the Mons Vest is created from BeCool a unique fibre that has a greater diffusive area than standard fibre; this ensures high levels of breathability and comfort.
During exercise the unique shape of the BeCool fibre means it acts like a fan extracting hot and wet air away from the body and replacing it with cool and fresh air to help maintain core body temperatures in both cold and hot conditions.