Hot Shot S

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Hot Shot S will delight those fancying a sip while underway. Unscrew the grip, fill it up, and screw back the grip. Amazingly easy and fast. These poles deliver extra safety and comfort through high-strength aluminium shafts and the Trigger S system.

Holds 138 - 200 ml of your preferred beverage. Simply unscrew the grip, fill the built-in funnel and screw back the grip.


Construction Hot Shot
Grip Trigger S (All Mountain - Slalom)
Strap Trigger S (Vario)
Tube diameter 16 mm
Shaft material Aluminium (HTS 6.0)
Basket Alpine (Cobra)
Tip Flex Tip (Alpine)
Length / Size 110 - 135 cm in 5 cm Schritten
Weight 296 g / Pair bei einer Länge von 120 cm