Sense Photchromic

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Get the comfort, visual clarity and superior eye protection you need, in a sleek, understated design that fits women. Upgraded with photochromic lens that adjusts to any light condition, SENSE PHOTOCHROMIC fits your eyes and your skiing conditions. This is your goggle. 

EXTENDED FIELD OF VIEW - This modern looking, minimalist frame has been designed so you can experience a wide field of vision without compromising your style.

DYNAMIC COLOUR TINT CHANGE - The Photochromic lens shifts from lighter to darker to optimally adjust to changing light conditions, so you can enjoy optimal vision in all weather conditions.

DESIGNED FOR HER - Designed and engineered for the best instant fit for women, including hypoallergenic foam to prevent allergic reactions.


VISIBLE LIGHT TRANSMISSION (VLT): 18-60% (Red Lens) 18-45% (Blue Lens)

  • PHOTOCHROMIC LENS - Responds to changing light conditions by dynamically adjusting the level of lens tint from lighter to darker.
  • WIDE VISION - Optimal viewing experience thanks to low-profile frame construction.
  • DOUBLE LAYER FOAM - Soft and comfy PU foam with velvet layering for great skin contact.
  • SILICONE BACKED STRAP - Smooth & secure grip on the helmet.
  • DUAL SLIDE BUCKLE ADJUSTMENT -Quick & easy strap adjustment
  • HELMET COMPATABLE - Perfect fit integration and airflow circulation with helmets.
  • MICROFBRE GOGGLE BAG - Store your goggle in and use the microfiber fabric to properly clean your lens.