Zipfit Gara Stealth Ski Boot Liners

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All Zipfit models share the same laces, power strap and elastic Neoprene and wool inner toe box.
The combination of craftsmanship and technology is behind Zipfit’s legendary power-edging control
and sensitivity of balance — two of the most important considerations for all skiers.

The GARA is pre-packed with the lowest volume of OneMinuteFit self-molding cork
composite. They are specifically designed for normal volume feet in medium- and low-volume shells
(1500-1800cc and 92-98mm), and for higher volume feet in ski boot shells sized 98mm or higher.

With Zipfit’s Special Edition "STEALTH" models the spoiler plastic is laminated with soft eva
thermal foam and thin honeycombed rubber that bonds with the outer shell when the buckles are
closed. Your Zipfits mold to the outer shell’s spoiler cuff, minimizing vibration, optimizing
sensitivity and greatly improving control.

GARA'S hydrophobic leather lining ensures optimum support, sensitivity, control and durability.
They conform to your foot’s unique shape like no other product on the market.