Kymira Women's 3.0 3/4 Leggings

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As with all of Kymira's core 3.0 range, these ¾ Length Leggings are about blending comfort with performance technology.

These leggings are made of a thick but lightweight KYnergy® Infrared fabric, which boosts the garment’s thermoregulating qualities whilst retaining our unique material’s benefits for performance and recovery. They fit to just below the knee and have been specifically designed to pair with Kymira's infrared compression socks. Together, the garments ensure there is only a slight overlap between sock and legging.

For winter sports this is ideal, as the combination ensures there are no pressure points inside your boots, but also that there is no bare skin.

The leggings feature flatlock stitching, which ensures you can run free of distracting rubbing or chafes, and the elasticated waistband is secure and flexible to prevent any digging into your midsection – meaning they remain comfortable over the longest or most demanding workout.