Kymira Women's IR50 Leggings

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Kymira's IR50 range is designed to boost your recovery and keep you training hard, day in day out. With boosts in fitness and strength being implicitly linked to increased training loads, your recovery is key, and the IR50 range is essential to help you recover faster.

The leggings incorporate their unique infrared technology, something that promotes blood circulation, increases oxygenation of the blood, and promotes cellular metabolism. This increased rate of removal of lactic acid from your muscles, and improved rate of cellular repair and production, reduces the impact of Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness and other associated aches that you may experience after pushing your body to the limit.

With a seamless front and back gusset and elasticated waistband, the leggings keep the wearer comfortable and free of distraction. The fabric is breathable and quick drying, and so the leggings are great if worn immediately after a workout to cool you down whilst you wait to get to the showers. The calves have a performance fit, which boosts comfort and support, as well as improving circulation, thus speeding up the removal of waste products from your muscles.