Laguna Slide

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The easy-on Laguna Slide features our patent-pending Tri-Motion™ Technology and a lightweight and breathable upper all to help your feet feel their best faster after a long workout.


  • STABILITY - Deep heel cup and side stabilizers provide motion control.
  • ARCH SUPPORT - Optimal arch support to help tied feet recover with each step.
  • TOE SPRING - Increased toe spring assists with forward walking motion.
  • FLEXIBILITY - Top and bottom flex grooves for optimal forefoot flexibility.
  • TRACTION - Outsole reverse lug and grooved lines design provide great traction.
  • BREATHES - Perforated upper allows for maximum air flow and quick drying.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT - Lightweight materials reduce muscle fatigue and create a natural underfoot feel.
  • STIMULATES - Inverted box nodes stimulate blood flow and provide a great tactile feel.