Men's ZEROWEIGHT CERAMIWARM Long-Sleeve Cycling Top

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Don’t let your layers slow you down, opt for the ODLO men’s Zeroweight Ceramiwarm long-sleeve cycling top. A winter essential for training, trails and touring, this lightweight and packable design offers on-road functionality and versatile climate control throughout.

Cut from a signature Nortex stretch mesh, this foundation layer sits comfortably on the skin – warming your body temperature by up to 3°C when you ride and locking in residual heat post session.

Offering more than just thermal insulation, this dynamic cycling layer also provides enhanced moisture management – wicking away sweat and keeping you dry all ride long. Crafted with ergonomic seams and a comfortable curved hem, wear the Zeroweight Ceramiwarm long-sleeve cycling top with weather-resistant outerwear for the ultimate high-performance pairing.

ZeroScent maximizes your fun by minimizing body odour. The anti-odour technology is organic-based and prevents odorous substances from penetrating the fibres. The only thing you don’t do is feeling smelly!