S/View Photochromic

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Designed for skiers looking for style and adaptability, this goggle combines extraordinary lens quality with a sleek, close-to-the-face design. A minimalist, modern frame combined with a Photochromic lens delivers a wide field of vision which adapts flawlessly to varying light conditions.

EXTENDED FIELD OF VIEW - This modern looking, minimalist frame has been designed so you can experience a wide field of vision without compromising your style.

DYNAMIC COLOUR TINT CHANGE - The Photochromic lens shifts from lighter to darker to optimally adjust to changing light conditions, so you can enjoy optimal vision in all weather conditions.

NO MORE FOGGING - Don’t let the fog dictate your days with this optimized airflow. Experience an even greater level of ventilation, particularly when combined with the new PIONEER LT helmet.



  • PHOTOCHROMIC LENS - Responds to changing light conditions by dynamically adjusting the level of lens tint from lighter to darker.
  • WIDE VISION - Optimal viewing experience thanks to low-profile frame construction.
  • AIRFLOW SYSTEM - Offers maximum airflow, bringing fresh air into the goggle while pulling moisture out
  • DOUBLE LAYER FOAM - Soft and comfy PU foam with velvet layering for great skin contact.
  • SILICONE BACKED STRAP - Smooth & secure grip on the helmet.
  • DUAL SLIDE BUCKLE ADJUSTMENT -Quick & easy strap adjustment
  • HELMET COMPATABLE - Perfect fit integration and airflow circulation with helmets.
  • MICROFBRE GOGGLE BAG - Store your goggle in and experience the microfiber fabric to properly clean your lens.