Nexo LYT 110

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The Head Nexo Lyt 110, really has it all. Customisable, shell and liner, lightweight and Liquidfit for extra hold. The NEXO LYT 110 ski boots have all what it takes to give you comfort and performance while skiing. HEAD’s Liquid Fit is the most precise and fastest customization. The material density ensures the perfect copy of the foot shape. Hence, you have more flexibility, comfort and performance due to increased heel retention. For easy handling, you can rely on 4 micro-adjustable alloy buckles, low profile buckles and 1 supermacro ratchet.

FLEX: 100-110

LAST : 100MM



LINER - Perfect Fit 3D

BUCKLE - 4 Alloy Low Profile

  • GRAPHENE - The Graphene infused plastic combined with the new Smart Frame shell delivers the perfect balance of performance, comfort and lightweight design.
  • SMART FRAME - The new lightweight shell construction is speciffically designed for a more dynamic rebound that greatly improves performance.
  • DUO FLEX - Enables a progressive and reactive flex with precise ski control through all phases of the turn.
  • STIFFER/SOFTER FLEX ADJUSTMENT - Quick and simple 1 screw flex adjustment.
  • LOW PROFILE BUCKLES - Slim design buckle not only looks good but reduces contact on snow.
  • DOUBLE POWER LEVER - The double power lever reduces the effort needed to close the buckle by 50%. Developed and patented by Head.
  • SUPERMACRO RATCHET - An adjustable, ratcheted toothplate that provides 28mm of calf adjustment.
  • POWER PLATE - Head has designed a Velcro spoiler to increase support through the upper cuff, adding a higher level of performance.
  • 50MM VELCRO STRAP - XL Power strap for a strong commection between leg and cuff.
  • FOAM WEDGE - Removable wedge for adjusting cuff volume.