Experience 84 AI Inc Look NX12 Konect Binding

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The all-mountain benchmark for expert to advanced all-mountain skiers, the new EXPERIENCE 84 HD blends the heart of a high-performance carving machine with a smooth, powerful freeride feel.

Rossignol’s new LCT technology runs through the centre of the ski, this is a rail that extends the full length of the core to give rebound and stability throughout the entire length of the turn. LCT is especially beneficial when performing fast or high energy turns. 

LCT is offered in different materials to suit different styles of skiing. This model uses ABS which is a plastic which excellent dampening materials. rn. 

The finely-tuned fusion of Rossignol's patented Carbon Alloy Matrix, Air Tip, and Auto Turn Rocker technologies delivers high-definition precision with effortless versatility across all terrain and snow conditions. The entire mountain awaits – experience more.