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Ash Clayton Blog: Feb 24

Ash Clayton Blog: Feb 24

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Lots of training for me this month between competitions. I spent my time learning some new rail tricks; learning my fourth direction of spin (switch right) and perfecting, tweaking and learning some jumps tricks. There is a park above Innsbruck called Patscherkofel which is perfect for learning new rail tricks as it is a small rail garden with very short lap times, and also a lovely home run if you ever get bored on the rails and want to go for a boost! Here I learnt right front 4 off the canon tube and started working on switch right lip on. My switch skiing over my right shoulder wasn’t very good, so my coach Aron took me on a piste lap to learn how. With the piste being so long, I had the basics after one run, and could start on a low tube practicing my get on. By the end of the day I had done switch right lip on, continuing 450 out, putting my 2 new learns into 1 trick! On the days we went to Kaltenbach (another park near the house) I was working on my jumps. This park has only got jumps and fast laps as well, so a good place for progression. I worked on my switch right spins on the small jumps when it was bad weather or when I was done on my bigger tricks for the day. On the larges I was working on my left 7 with a new grab; switch left cork 5 which I ended up getting to switch 7 a few times; and getting more comfortable with cork 7s as these are the next trick that I need to do on a pro jump. I was going for blunt in left 7, but I was struggling with my body shape in the air as it’s more open than when I grab safety. It took me a few goes to get comfortable in the air, then I started to grab the ski. I wasn’t landing properly on my first few attempts, but Aron pointed out that I was trying to grab too early at 180 when I should be grabbing at 360 instead to give myself the time to get balanced. Taking his advice, I then got it straight away and it felt very stylish in the air, so I was very pleased with myself. On the good days, it was time for the corks, getting more comfortable in the air, and doing them on slightly bigger jumps ready for pro. I took a couple of heavy slams because I thought I was going to hit the knuckle so I pulled in too tight and over spun and landed on my side. I felt pretty battered, but I knew I couldn’t finish there. I had to land one that day. I took a little break, then went back up to do a straight 7 to get my speed right, then I went for it again. I crashed out, but not as bad and I was close to landing it. I got up as quickly as I could to get back to the top for another go. I steadied my breathing, and dropped in. I trusted my speed and ability, popped, took off, span, spotted… landed! It was a little back seat, but a landed cork 7 nonetheless! I then did some more, adding in a blunt grab to keep me nice and open in the air. 

Away from the park, we had a couple of powder days. I’m not the biggest lover of pow because I haven’t had the practice, but when I get into it, it’s such a blast. Aron took us to a few mellow spots which hadn’t been touched and were safe for us which was really fun. After a long stint of training, it’s time for 2 major comps back to back. Laax Europa Cup Premium and Silvaplana World Cup. Laax is one of the biggest Europa Cups on the circuit and Silvaplana World Cup is the last on of the season.

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