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Emily Keen Blog: Feb 24

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We had around 2 weeks until our next block of races, so this gave me some time to have a few days off at home to rest and go and see some of my friends and family which was really lovely. Once we were back, the Skicross World Cup in Reiteralm took place, so we went and watched. This was the first time I got to watch it live which was a really cool to see. After the World Cup the track was open for training, so this gave us the opportunity to ski on a lot bigger track that I really enjoyed and was a good training. Throughout the days training we found out the Europa Cups coming up for the Friday and Saturday were cancelled due to the amount of snowfall they had already got and there was much more still to come and we be posponed by a week. So this gave us more training time before the races in Reiteralm which was supposed to do after the Europa Cup. My coaches had decided that I wouldn’t be then going to these races so that I could stayed focused on the rest the FIS and JUN in Reiteralm because we would have then had to missed on those races. 

On the Monday we started off with the Austrian junior national champs, this was a really tough course for juniors as not much had been changed from the World Cup apart from the middle section. In this races I was able to come 14th and then the next day was the normal national champs where I came 16th. Like I said before the course was challenging on both of these days so I was kinda happy I was able to at least finish qualification, as there was lots of DNS because they crashed in the training run or DNF where they crashed in the qualification. The next 2 days they made the course a little easier, in the first day I didn’t have a good result coming out in the first round due to a mistake I made in the start section and not being able to regain it back down the course. In the second day I came away with an 11th place which I was happy with. This day started in heats from your FIS points I was able to get through the round of 32 but in the quarters I came out in 3rd meaning I didn’t get through, this heat was much harder I was trying to find room to overtake but couldn’t find the right opportunity but these girls did ended up finishing on the podium so was nice to see how close I could have been.

Now after these races I am having a couple of days off before going back into training before the Europa Cup finals here in Reiteralm, and then we will be going to some the national champ events to try get points for next season.


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